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manpasand shadi ka taweez,manpasand shadi k liya wazifa,manpasand shadi ka amal

manpasand shadi ka taweez,manpasand shadi k liya wazifa,manpasand shadi ka amal

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FREE ONLINE ISTIKHARA Muslim scholars describe “Istikhara” as to seek goodness and willingness from Allah (Glorious is He). It means that when one anticipates an important task, they do Istikhara before starting and planning that task. Istikhara is supposed as if one requests to Allah Almighty that, O My Lord, the Knower of Unseen guide me if this is better for me and favorable for me or not?

According to Sahi Hadith written in Bukhari Sharif, Volume 2, Book 21, Number 263:
Reported by Jabir bin Abdullah : The Prophet (S.A.W) used to teach us the way of doing Istikhara, in all matters as he taught us the Suras of the Quran. He said, If anyone of you thinks of doing any job he should offer a two Rakat prayer other than the compulsory ones and say (after the prayer):

Manpasand shadi|shadi ka taweez|manpasand shadi ka wazifa


Islam gives incredible significance to marriage and as indicated by a Hadith of Prophet Muhammad SAW a man who can do marriage Shadi must do it. Marriage Shadi has numerous advantages. it spares us from going to wrong way furthermore gets peace our life.


On the off chance that we locate a decent life accomplice then Marriage Shadi  is maybe the most lovely thing however now and again marriage can likewise turned into an awful dream in the event that you and your life accomplice are not good with each other. So there is awesome need to locate a right life accomplice for yourself. Rasool Allah SAW said that a man ought to picked an existence accomplice who has righteousness. Riches, Beauty and Status are less essential than Virtue in eye of Islam.

to the extent Love and organized marriage is concerned Islam bolsters the orchestrated marriage however assume in the event that you have begun to like a young lady or a kid you can send proposition to be engaged to him/her. Islam not prevents from doing this.

Be that as it may, Islam absolutely prohibits things like dating, keeping a beau sweetheart. It should likewise be remembered that Islam not permits constrained marriage. you can’t drive a young lady or kid to wed somebody. Rasool Allah SAW has illegal from doing this.

In Islam’s view a man ought to get hitched at the earliest opportunity after a man is fit for it.

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manpasand shadi

Manpasand Shadi (Love Marriage)

Manpasand Shadi Aaj key es nay daor main jis taraf nigah uthayain har admi

musibat or Muskhalat main mubtla ha koi karobar ki wja sy or koi apny msail ki wja sy preshan ha or koi Manpasand Shadi ki wja sy. Muskhil aur azmaesh usy azmati rhti hen. Insan ki had sy ziada barhti khawahishat ki wja sy insam hlal or hram ma tmeez bhol jata ha or kbhi to un msail or mushkilat ki wja sy insan khudkushi kr leta ha. Es ki ak wja to Mian Biwi ki lrai ha jo k un ki Man pasand Shadi (Love Marriage) na hony ki wja sy hoti ha. Istikhara online ki help sy ap man pasand Shadi krwa skty hen or apni Shadi ka online Istikhara b krwa skty hen.

Man Pasand Shadi: Har insane ke khaesh hoti hy keh us ka jewan sathi us ke pasand ka ho. Baghair pasand ky zindgi azab ban jati hy. Insan ka shadi ka faisala us ke pori zindgi ka faisla hota hy. Jes ke shadi man pasand ke ho us ke zindgi dunya maen jannat ke trah hoti hy.

Agar ap bhe chehty hian keh ap ke shadi bhe ManPasand shadi ho to ap pehli fursat maen Amil Babo Jan Bangli sy rabta kren, InShAllah ap ke tamam preshanian door ho jaen ge, aor ap ko apni Man Pasand murad mil jay ge. Azmaesh shart hy
Agar bohat sari koshishon ke baad bhi koi naik aur jaez rishta na milta ho aur umer barhti ja rahi ho tou aisay main chahiye keh namaz isha ke baad Surah Yaseen 3 baar parhay

Man pasand Shadi

Man pasand Shadi Aaj ke is daor main jis taraf nigah uthayain har admi musibat or Muskhalat main mubtla ha koi karobar ki wja sy or koi apny msail ki wja sy preshan ha or koi Manpasand Shadi ki wja sy. her insan ke ya khawish hoti hai k us ke zangki pur sukoon guzra likan her insan kise na mushkal ma phand jatya hai. online Istikhara b krwa skty hen.

Manpasand Shadi

Both sa nowjawan larka aur larkia key a dilli khawish ke wo apni manpasand shadi krya both sa nojawano ke ya khawish puri ho jti hai. Laikan baz asa nojawan larka aur larkia asi b hoti hin jin ke ya khawish puri nai hoti wo apni dilli khawish na puri hona par parshani ma mubtla ho jtya hain is k sath wo naumeed b ho jtya hin. Asa tmam nowjan jo manpasand shadi no hona ke waja sa naumeed ho gya hin un sa guzrish hia naumeed na hn kew k naumeed hona aik gunha hai. Umeed kbi nai chorni chye ap Allah par brosha rkha aur agr larka ya larkie apas ma sucha payair krtya hn aur apas ma manpasand shadi b karna Chatya manpasand shadi aur mazeed molmat ya rehamy k lea Amil Shazil Bukharai sa is number per rabta krya: 0324-9442485

Manpasand Shadi

Today we are going to talk about Manpasand Shadi. Many people in our society believe in love marriage, because this type of marriage based on understanding between the two parts, and settlement in their family they also live happiness and peace, because they had chosen each other from the beginning.
The couple who married upon love will understand each other. They will share their opinions and decision in everything whether small or big. Each one will not take any decision in his own life without sharing the other fellow. If they argue about something, the will be able to find a suitable solation for both of them.

Benefits of love marriage

Happiness is a very important benefit of love marriage (Manpasand Shadi), as everyone in the family with feel with comfort. The couple enjoy their life. They will be content about themselves .they will usually quarrels which we see in most of the families’ think that love marriage is better because it has many benefits.sach as understanding the two couples, and the happiness and peace in the family.

Manpasand Shadi in Islam

Islam has also said marriage of choice. And Islam said whether a boy or a girl can get the married of choice. The prophet, peace and blessings of Allah be upon said:
“There is nothing better for two who love each other than marriage.”
Many boys and girls wants to marriage of their choice (Manpasand Shadi) but many of them have facing problem in marriage of choice. All those people who are facing problem in marriage of choice not worried we bring the solutions of your problem.
All those people who are wanted to the marriage of choice and have facing the problem in getting marry contact the Baba Jan Bangali. This is a right person who will solve all your problems. If you want to solve your problems than contact on this number:

Manpasand Shadi

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